My “Seattle State of Mind”

My “Seattle State of Mind”

So we’ve had a very wet and rainy spring here in New England this year.  In fact it was unusually wet and rainy in the fall too.  Its gotten to the point where I just assume its going to be rainy unless otherwise notified.  Like Billy Joel’s song about being in a “New York State of Mind”, I am now in a “Seattle State of Mind”….  That may sound funny, but on a deeper level, there is a mindset shift that is occurring here.  Think about it:  people in Seattle don’t stop living just because there is rain every day.  They just put on their slickers and rain boots and grab their umbrellas and go about their day.  People in Alaska don’t stop living because it is cold and snowy.  They get on with it and do what they do despite the weather.

This became relevant to me this year because one of the ways I decompress is by walking my dog.  We love to go for long, 45 minute walks, all on the back country roads near my house.  Not only does it give me exercise, but it helps me clear my mind and process things that come up throughout the week.  It’s my time, and I crave it.  My dog craves it too and she will walk whether it’s raining, snowing, freezing, humid;  you name it, she’ll brave the weather to get her walk in.  I guess I’m lucky that way because she will let me have no excuses when it comes to the weather (unless the conditions are dangerous, of course).  I have learned to not let the weather be a factor in this “me time”.  I step away from all that potential drama that my brain would like to make about the weather and I just dress appropriately.  I don’t let the obstacles become my excuses.  

It’s funny, because last week I was talking to a woman who said that she wanted to start walking for exercise but she was waiting for the weather to get nicer.  And in my head, I was thinking, “Honey, here in New England, where it can snow in May and then be 70 degrees the very next day, you might be waiting a very long time to start your walking routine”.  When I asked her, “Why not just put on a raincoat and grab an umbrella and walk in the rain?” she looked at me like I had three heads!   My hope in asking was to shake up her fixed mindset that she had to wait for the weather to be perfect to start her commitment to exercise.  Right?  How many times do we all go around with these preconceived notions in our heads that we never challenge?  That we never even recognize as being ridiculous?

So I ask you:  What are the preconceived notions in your head that are stopping you from setting out on a path to greatness?  What thoughts are blocking you and becoming your excuse to not play full out?  It doesn’t have to be just around exercise.  It can be in any area of health, self care, relationships, work, parenting, and beyond.   Can you identify and observe those limiting beliefs in action?  What becomes possible when you start to toss those excuses and beliefs in trash and move beyond them into your full potential?

I invite you to let the rain fall in your life.  Move into a “Seattle State of Mind” and put on your raincoat and your galoshes and step into the rain.  Splash in the puddles a little, just to spite the rain!   Realize that the excuses you make up in your mind start to shrink and not become so big when you stop giving them so much power over you.  That’s when the sun starts to truly shine.