Transform Your Approach to Weight Loss

Online Course, Group and Private Coaching
Helping You Find Success With Ease & Grace

Frustrated that your current weight loss methods never last for long?

  • learn the key to permanent habit change.
  • ditch calorie counting, deprivation diets, sheer willpower or bootcamps. 
  •  find options that accelerate your results while suiting your:
    • budget
    • level of support needed
    • schedule
    • learning style

Program includes:

  • Online course material with 6 modules of short video lessons and worksheets.
  • Free private Facebook support group
  • Bi-monthly master classes (online) for support and accountability
  • Options to add on private coaching sessions.    *limited spots available, so please book a discovery call with me first so we can discuss your individual goals.

Who is right for this program?

Are you looking to lose 10 pounds or more?

Whether it’s the first 10 pounds or the last.  Whether its baby weight, menopausal weight, or anything in between.   My focus is on you and helping you reach your individual goals.

Striving for balance?

Are you a woman, balancing the hectic pace of raising children or caring for aging parents? Are you managing a household and the responsibilities of a career and finding that you put others’ needs before your own?  Look no further…

Need consistency, motivation and accountability?

Have you found that life’s little hiccups will derail you from consistently staying on track with your health goals?  That’s why I’m here.

Never enough time?

Are you struggling to find the time to eat healthy and exercise routinely while racing from one task to the next?  Then this program is for you!  It will meld easily into your lifestyle — no rigid diets!

Stress Eating?

Are you looking to uncover the emotional reasons why you eat and how to form a healthier relationship with food so you can permanently lose the weight?  Then read below!

Discover the Unique Features of the Program

See how this program differs from any other diet plan.  We not only work on the outer game, but also on the inner game, and that is why it creates permanent habit change.

At the end of our time together, you will have different rituals, different habits and be completely transformed in how you approach your relationship with food and wellness.


The right eating plan for YOU

During our time together, we’ll explore which foods give you energy and which foods take away energy and consistently start gravitating toward the healthiest choices for your unique body.

The right movement/activity for your unique body

Together, we’ll explore how to incorporate more movement into your lifestyle in a way that feels fun and easy.  

Evaluating your current eating patterns

In this program, we’ll explore:

  • HOW you are eating (are you eating in a rush, inhaling your food?)
  • WHEN you are eating (skipping meals? Eating late at night?)
  • WHY you are eating (boredom? stress? tired?) 

and we’ll build awareness so that you can make intentional changes

How stress and negative thoughts affect your weight

Stress eating or emotional eating is so common!  We will spend time learning how stress can affect your ability to lose weight and find ways to counteract the stress response.

How relaxation techniques can help you lose weight

Using meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, I will equip you with new ways to lose weight just by relaxing your body!

Transformation that goes beyond health

Many clients find the transformation spills over into their relationships, parenting skills, work-life balance, finances and more!

Learn how to make permanent habit change

Learn the science behind stamping out dysfunctional habitsj creating new habits that last 

My Approach

Saying “YES” to this experience and investing in your health means showing up in a whole new way:  mentally, spiritually and physically.

As a physician, my knowledge of  chronic health conditions and medications gives me a deeper understanding of how these impact your weight loss efforts.

Most importantly, I focus on your mindset around food and wellness and how you can create new habits that last, preventing that yo-yo effect.

Here’s what others are saying:

I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to have joined this group.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to help me but I learned so much about myself.  Since January 1st when I started this journey, I lost 14.1 pounds!  My goal was to lose 10 pounds from the start of the class on January 11th and I am now down 9.3 pounds from there. ( 5 week mark)

-happy group coaching client

I am in the last week of this course and it was one of the best things I did this year.  It changed the way I look at weight loss.  Jenny shared so much helpful information and I am well on my way to a healthy 2021 and beyond!  Thanks Jenny!

-Cheryl, group coaching client

I feel it’s a transformation.  Every other diet plan is just a diet and you get tired of the food.  By changing habits besides just the food, Jenny pays attention to the whole you.

-Sheila, private coaching client

Working with Jenny has been transformational.  She has the skill of being affirming while also gently encouraging major change.  As a healthcare provider myself, I am familiar with how crucial this combination is.  It was tremendously powerful and helpful for me to “be on the other end.”  She provided her overall coaching skills, and could also come up with more situation-specific ideas and strategies as needed; this was a very “custom-fit” experience.  Overall, I was able to make changes that not only help me, but filter into my work and other relationships as well.  She is always upbeat, positive, and forward-moving.  It was a true pleasure and deeply valuable to work with her.

-E.K., private coaching client

Ways to work with me:

Healthy Living and Beyond

  • Join my free Facebook group
  • Get regular tips and support on healthy mind, body and skin.
  • Frequent 5  day health challenges
  • Products to support your nutrition 

Transform your Approach to Weight Loss

  • The most comprehensive weight loss program out there
  • 6 Modules of video lessons and worksheets
  • Additional FREE bonus lessons
  • Bi-monthly live Master Classes
  • Membership in private community group
  • The best investment you’ll ever make in your health
  • Monthly payment plans available
More Details

I believe that weight loss is so much more effective when you combine it with coaching.   Having the support and accountability of the group dynamic is a game changer.   This course is chock full of practical lessons, interactive worksheets and bi-monthly live Zoom Master Classes.   Meetings are recorded and posted in our private community forum.

3 Session Private Coaching Package (add on)

  • 3 private coaching calls (spread over 6-12 weeks)
  • Interactive, engaging, tailored uniquely for you
  • Includes entire Transform your Approach to Weight Loss program
  • Bi-monthly live Master Classes
  • Handouts, homework


More Details

This package includes membership into the community of like-minded people taking the Transform Your Approach to Weight Loss Course, including the Master classes, private Facebook community and the 6 week online lessons.  In addition to that, you get 3 personalized private coaching sessions with me to help you accelerate and solidify your results.  Click on the button above to learn more, and if you still have questions, there will be an opportunity to schedule a 30 min call with me to bring more clarity to your decision.

6 Session Private Coaching Package (add on)

  • 6 private coaching calls (spread over 3-6 months)
  • Interactive, engaging, tailored uniquely for you
  • Includes online video coursework and private Facebook community
  • Handouts, homework
  • Monthly payment plans available
  • Limited availability.  Book a call to explore this option
More Details

Click on the link above and you’ll be invited to schedule a FREE one hour discovery call with me.  There, you’ll have a chance to tell me about your own specific situation and you can experience the power of coaching.  At the end of our call, if you and I feel like we’re a good fit and you’d like to continue, then we’ll put that into motion.  If not, no worries.  I don’t believe in pressure or hard sells.

Maintenance Coaching 

  • For graduates of my other coaching programs
  • Enjoy the support and accountability of maintenance
  • Can be done monthly, bimonthly, or ad hoc


More Details

For my graduate superstar clients who have worked with me doing health or life coaching, and want to have some added ongoing support, I am available to book maintenance appointments, either once or twice a month (or ad hoc)  at an hourly rate.

More testimonials:

I loved the direction this class took on weight loss. I had hit a wall in losing weight and this class helped me to look at all areas of my life and examine them in detail. Because of this I was able to uncover the “Why” I couldn’t lose anything else from a completely different area in my life that kept crossing over and affecting my eating habits. I never received this kind of insight from any other approach. I lost 9 pounds during the class and I am down another 5 pounds since the class ended.

-happy group client

My old approach was all about calories, weighing/measuring, and logging food. It felt like I was tethered to my food scale, measuring cups, and food tracker app. It felt like just one more thing to do in an already overfilled schedule. This class focused on NONE of that! Jenny’s focus on figuring out the reasons we do what we do when it comes to life and arming us with tools for our toolbox to make changes really transcends life. This class is really about your life as a whole, not just the weight aspect.

- another happy group client

The biggest benefit to this class was the fact that it takes a holistic approach. So many of us approach weight loss as a task in itself. Jenny’s class allowed us to see that there are so many things that can influence your success, and that if other areas of your life are a little messy, you might have a harder time succeeding. The group sharing and support gives me the accountability that I need to succeed.

- another happy group client

I would ask “What have you got to lose?” Jenny guided us each down our own path and helped us uncover areas of our lives that prevented us from achieving our weight goals. She offered helpful solutions without singling anyone out or telling us we had to do anything. I found that I just wanted to follow the directions she gave and it lead me to find my own destination. Thank you Jenny!!!!

- another happy group client

My biggest take-away was that I learned something about myself that I couldn’t find on my own in 48 years. I loved the garden exercise. This really began to open my eyes and see the full picture.

- another happy group client

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