Free Meditation Downloads

Guided meditations can have the following benefits:


  • deep relaxation
  • bring awareness to your day
  • teach breathing techniques
  • set intentions
  • teach mindfulness
  • activate your parasympathetic nervous system


You don’t have to be an expert!  2-10 minutes is a great place to start!

Meditation and/or breathing exercises can be done anywhere, anytime!

  • In the morning before work
  • While taking a walk
  • During a stressful meeting
  • At your desk
    While dealing with demanding patients
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • While sitting on the beach
  • On your drive home from work
  • While dealing with challenging teenagers or toddlers

Morning Meditation for Busy Doctors

Start your day off with gentle stretches and setting intentions
(6 min)

Mid Day Meditation for Busy Doctors

Take a break from the stress of the day with guided relaxation and breathing exercises (7 min)

End of Day Meditation for Busy Doctors

Transition from your work day to your personal life with guided stretches and breathing exercises
(6 min)

Meditations for Mindful Eating

When you are feeling stressed and reaching to food for comfort, switch gears and listen to this meditation
(5 min)

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Living intentionally and mindfully are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.