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My Story

 I first went into family medicine because I loved working closely with people and forming long-lasting relationships.  Twenty years later, I still feel this way.  My patients are like family to me and I care deeply about their well being.

Over the years in my career, I’ve developed a keen interest in helping people develop healthier lifestyles, especially when it comes to managing stress, eating healthier, losing weight and reaching personal goals.  I think many of us in primary care support these notions, but I felt like I wanted to have an even greater impact by working  closely with people around habit change.

After much consideration, I decided to broaden my skill set and become a trained and certified transformational health and life coach.  If you’re not familiar with it, this is a practice that focuses heavily on the pscyhology of habit change;  what drives our behaviors and how we change them.  There is a strong emphasis on mindfulness, self reflection, letting go of judgement and implementing self care routines.

I believe that health coaching and life coaching are intimately related,  in the same way that mind and body wellness impact one another.  If you don’t change your inner game, you can’t address your outer game.  In other words, anyone can go on a diet, but unless we unravel some of the habits that got us here in the first place, then those changes won’t stick!

I Believe…

That everyone holds the key to happiness within themselves

That we all have the power to transform our lives

That failure is just an opportunity for feedback

That we can't control all situations or others' actions, only how we respond to them

Our thoughts control our emotions, and we have the power to change our thoughts

When our talent meets our passion, we find the sweet spot

There are endless opportunities to create the life you want

Everything is possible and there is always a way

On a Personal Note…


As a mother of four (a set of triplets and one more!) I am fully engaged in helping other busy moms find their way to wellness.  I completely understand the morning chaos of getting kids ready for school and getting out the door on time to fight the morning traffic.  I understand what it’s like to have my little ones needing my attention at the end of the day and have my mind worrying about the long to-do list.  I understand the crazy dance of coordinating with my spouse to get the kids to their respective sports, activities and play dates while trying to squeeze in my own priorities.  I want to give 100 percent at being a doctor, 100 percent at being a mom, and 100 percent at being a spouse.

Eventually, I discovered that showing up as a mother, as a spouse and as a doctor meant that I needed to show up for myself first, and when my basic needs were met, I was able to give more to the other areas in my life.

Through mindfulness, self-care, and surrounding ourselves with a community of people that inspire us, I believe we can begin to live fully.  We can begin to make conscious decisions that help us act in a way that is in alignment with our goals.  We can step off that hamster wheel and step into our full potential and be the person we want to be.

I look forward to working with you and helping you Live Your Best Life!




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