Your Approach to

Weight Loss

Ditch the diet and gain healthy lifestyle habits – that last

Here’s the issue:

You’re busy.  And while you want to prioritize your health,  life always seems to get in the way.  Putting time and energy into staying  consistent can be a major challenge.

It can be so frustrating

to re-gain the weight after having found success.  You beat yourself up and wonder why you don’t have more willpower.

You’ve got other competing priorities

You have family, career and passions to focus on.   Weight loss and healthy habits need to be on autopilot so you can get back to what’s important in your life

Making permanent lifestyle changes can be hard.

That’s because we’re human!  Knowing what you want and carrying it out consistently is difficult!    It’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

I help women find the key to permanent weight loss and lifestyle changes so they can focus their time and energy on what matters most to them.


Work with me and let go of:


Turning to food for comfort when stressed

Reverting back to old habits after achieving initial success

Feeling a lack of control over eating behaviors

Thinking that willpower holds the answer

Living a life of deprivation or counting calories

Always being on or off the "band wagon"

Struggling to fit it all in: work, kids, spouse, exercise, self care, household. Where's the time?

I’ve struggled with this too, and that’s why I’ve designed a program that provides you with the teaching, support and accountability to achieve long term success.

A new approach to weight loss is as easy as 3 simple steps:

Take the Course

6 modules of online lessons

Learn the secrets to permanent lifestyle change

Worksheets and bonus content included

Self paced

Lifetime access

Join the Community

Live Masterclasses twice a month via Zoom

Gain support and inspiration

Lean on your peers for accoundability

Access to our private Facebook group


Achieve Success

Feel empowered

Get personalized attention from a physician coach you can trust

Reach your goals faster

Tailored to your needs with choice of  private or group coaching

Let’s Work Together

 Tap Into the Best Version of Yourself.

Stop struggling on your own and join a community of like-minded women with similar values.   Save time, energy and money:  with personalized coaching, I’ll get you to your goals faster.

Lose the weight for good

Feel confident in your body

Spend less time worrying about your weight

Ditch deprivation dieting

Manage stress better

Eat more mindfully

Find exercise you actually enjoy doing

Fit into your favorite clothes without stressing about what to wear

I'm here as your mentor

As a mother of four,  a wife,  a family physician, and a health coach, I understand how easy it is to get caught up in the craziness of life and feel like you’re juggling a million balls.

As women, our role as caregiver can make it easy to prioritize others first while sacrificing our own needs, health and self care.

I love working with other women and helping them find their strength, inner wisdom, confidence, and self compassion.

I hope that woman is you.  Whether you seek weight loss, improved health, or just increased energy and better habits, I have the tools to help you.

Here’s to Living Your Best Life…


Read what others are saying about the program…

“My old approach was all about calories, weighing/measuring, and logging food. It felt like I was tethered to my food scale, measuring cups, and food tracker app. It felt like just one more thing to do in an already overfilled schedule. This class focused on NONE of that! Jenny’s focus on figuring out the reasons we do what we do when it comes to life and arming us with tools for our toolbox to make changes really transcends life. This class is really about your life as a whole, not just the weight aspect.”

Happy Client

“I loved the direction this class took on weight loss. I had hit a wall in losing weight and this class helped me to look at all areas of my life and examine them in detail. Because of this I was able to uncover the “Why” I couldn’t lose anything else from a completely different area in my life that kept crossing over and affecting my eating habits. I never received this kind of insight from any other approach. I lost 9 pounds during the class and I am down another 5 pounds since the class ended.”

Happy Client

“The biggest benefit to this class was the fact that it takes a holistic approach. So many of us approach weight loss as a task in itself. Jenny’s class allowed us to see that there are so many things that can influence your success, and that if other areas of your life are a little messy, you might have a harder time succeeding. The group sharing and support gives me the accountability that I need to succeed.”

Happy Client

“Working with Jenny has been transformational.  She has the skill of being affirming while also gently encouraging major change.”

Happy Client

“Today I hit a big milestone.  10 pounds gone since December.  I feel better physically and emotionally.  Thank you for the support.  For once in a long time I feel in control of my body”


“I feel really proud of myself.  It feels better than eating ever did.  As of today, I am down 27 pounds.”


What are you waiting for?   Your future awaits you….

Living intentionally and making healthy choices are the best gifts we can give ourselves.

I invite you to open the door and catch a glimpse of that future best version of yourself!

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